Language Services

We provide high quality transcriptions of audio and video files through our transcribing service. The source material can be anything from a recording of a telephone call or a meeting video, through to legal recordings.

In a nutshell, transcription and transcribing involves our professional translators watching or listening to your recording and writing down the speech involved, in the same language as is being spoken. They then translate that text into the target language you require.

We offer three variations of the service, all of which will result in a Word document containing the text from the source being delivered to you, unless you need it in a specific format.

Our teams of professional translators can translate any type of document for you. The vast array of specialists we have means that we can translate into or from any major language and because all our translators are based in-country they live and breathe their language.

More importantly, this also means that when your end-user reads the text they’ll fully understand the content and context.