Brand strategy

Brandwagon’s approach to brand strategy delivers a one-two combination of research and planning that turns information into insights and an inspired strategic plan.

It all starts with consumer insights, which our team adeptly mines through any and all appropriate primary and secondary consumer research methodologies – from focus groups and online surveys to ethnographic research.

From research comes strategic planning, which starts with a range of customized, educational tools and collaborative workshops that foster a solid understating of your goals and challenges, the competitive arena and your target consumers. This all-hands-on-deck approach establishes a base of shared knowledge and the unified client-agency relationship needed to grow a brand.

We understand that every brand’s challenges are as different as the consumers who buy their products or services. As a result, we have developed an amorphous approach to solving different branding challenges. So whether you partner with Brandwagon for identity development, digital marketing, advertising or any of our other offerings, we will help you identify a strategic path and define a set of performance metrics tailored to ensure and gauge the success of your unique brand.